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Nanobot SIG

The Azacycles is the constituent member of The Nanobot Special Interest Group (Nanobot SIG) and also The Nanobot Research Group (Nanobot RG or NRG). The mission of the Nanobot SIG and the Nanobot RG is a research and development of potentially active therapeutically active nanobots and to increase the flow of such early stage drug candidates into NRG’s or Nanobot SIG member's drug development pipeline in. Through the Nanobot SIG and the interactions among Nanobot SIG's participants, the Nanobot SIG drug discovery and development pipeline can be enabled from target identification through proof-of-concept (POC) to overall clinical trials. Because membership in the Nanobot SIG is fully open, to each the SIG's member is allowed to use all benefits of the SIG consortium agreement, at the most in intellectual property rights and in an access into confidential SIG's documents, methodics, technologies, strategic plans.


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