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Azacycles Organic Synthesis

Azacycles Zakolany

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Azacycles Organic Synthesis

As of 2005 the company has a plant on the industrial site in the municipality of Zákolany with a total area of 1020 m2 of utility space. The company invested in altering the leased premises which included the installation of a class C clean room in the period of 2005 – 2009 at a total cost of 1.72 mil. EUR which was an essential investment for the successful solution to the Tandem Programme project and for preparations for the future implementation of the production of components for future therapeutics. The industrial site has passed through the hands of four owners since 2005 to date and the last change came in 2008. The change to the lease contractual terms forced the company into great uncertainty as the premises are partly continuously dismantled, the very difficult to build structure of prospective core employees was minimised and the research and development is maintained to a minimum operational level. Since 2010 the strategy has been clear for the construction of the company’s own site as the only possible solution for the implementation and fulfilment of all objectives and fundamental ideas on which the business company was founded.

The manufacturing plant's area is well equipped with devices for advanced organic synthesis and with adequate analytical (namely spectroscopic) background (Varian INOVA NMR, Waters-Micromass Ultima MS/MS-TOF, Thermo-Finnigan AQA MS, Perkin Elmer ICP OES Optima3000, lots of HPLC sets (Beckman SystemGold)). Total working area in synthetic fume hoods is more than 28 m2.

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